The right voice for every production

    Our experienced MultiVoice voice artists know how to get the best out of your story. They are convincing. They make sure that your message gets across. It will only take a word or two from the director to get the tone of voice you are looking for. Our voice artists work with you to achieve perfect rhythm and timing. And of course they contribute useful suggestions on editorial matters.
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    The colour system

    MultiVoice has colour coded all of its voices, enabling you to find the right voice for your production even faster.

    Tailored casting

    Contact one of our booking managers to hear sound excerpts or to make a booking straight away.


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    The colour system

    Colour & Emotions

    We often use colours to indicate moods. For example, red evokes feelings of intimacy, energy and passion; orange feelings of togetherness. Yellow makes you cheerful. And you create a feeling of peace with natural colours like beige, grey, white, black and brown.

    Cool colours like turquoise, blue and green have a refreshing effect. They are relaxing and give a feeling of space. Pink, lilac and violet are sweet colours and strengthen your intuition.

    In short, colours have an effect on your emotions.

    The colour system

    MultiVoice has colour coded all of its voices to match their specific qualities. This enables you to see the timbre of a particular voice at a glance. Our colour code is also used by other organisations, such as the VRT (Flemish public broadcasting company).

    Fast, tailor-made casting

    Please complete this form giving as much detail as possible about your project or production. After receiving it, we’ll immediately send you a tailor-made selection of voices by e-mail. Of course, you can also call us for personal advice.

    If you would like to hear excerpts or make a booking immediately, just contact one of our booking managers.

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    Does using your voice to communicate come as second nature? Do you have professional microphone experience? Then maybe your voice is just what we’re looking for. All prospective voice artists can do a test. Click here for more information about our selection procedure. We’re looking for voice artists in all languages.