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    Finding the right voice-over artist for your production can be a difficult and time-consuming job. MultiVoice knows the voice-over world inside out, and has a large international network of professional voice artists in all languages. We work exclusively with seasoned professionals.

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    Advice and service

    Our booking managers are ready to find the perfect voice for your production.


    Cees Manintveld (the founder of MultiVoice) started his career at the pirate station Radio Veronica. Read his story here.

    In the media

    Every week, the newspaper De Gooi- en Eemlander highlights an aspect of the Dutch media sector. Read the article about MultiVoice here!

    Advice and service


    We search for the right voice for every production. We take a close look at your wishes and tailor our advice accordingly. This way we ensure the perfect match for every client.

    Our booking managers are ready to put together a selection of voice demos that you will receive by e-mail promptly. This only takes a few minutes. Listen, choose and book.

    Complete service

    We don’t just supply voices. Our services also includes text editing for every language.
    Of course, we are familiar with the technical possibilities and quality of many recording studios worldwide. We book the best one for you and schedule the voice artists. Finally, we look after all the administrative details such as voice artist status, contracts, confidentiality agreements and a clear invoice stating the agreed price.


    From radio pirate to CEO

    Cees Manintveld (the founder of MultiVoice) is a familiar face in the Dutch media world.

    He started his career in 1970 as a technician at Radio Veronica, which was still an offshore pirate radio station at the time. Those were exciting times. Radio beckoned and finally he spoke his first words on air as a Veronica newsreader. Radio Veronica became a legal national broadcaster in 1974.


    A lot had already changed in the media world by 1978, with the advent of more and more broadcasters that were becoming increasingly professional. Manintveld saw the need for a professional voice-over agency with an international image. This was the start of MultiVoice.

    In the media

    The idiosyncratic course of MultiVoice

    The takeover of the international voice agency MultiVoice by Roos Manintveld took place in the summer of 2013 as a smooth operation. Because the company remained a reliable beacon in the voting world, the outside world hardly noticed that founder Cees Manintveld had handed over the day-to-day management to his daughter.
    The succession of the throne did not cause an excessive spectacle within the family either. And that while Roos had always made it clear that she had no ambition to follow in her father’s footsteps. Read more